Meet Baby Ezra | In-Home Newborn Session | Chesapeake, Virginia

Ever since I became a mother myself, my love for all things baby exploded. I realized how quickly the soft baby skin and wrinkly little toes in those newborn days fade into memories. I find as my children grow, I constantly compare how big their feet have gotten or their little lips have become big grins. 

From the moment I met Angela at her maternity session, I could feel the instant connection between us which made me SUPER excited to meet the little babe she was carrying! 

Documenting Baby Ezra's tiny moments in their house in Chesapeake, Virginia was such a real experience which is why I love In-Home Sessions so much! Angela warned me their house was loved on and lived in. 

Can you say PERFECT?! 

So many think their houses have to look like those you see on Pinterest. Get outta here with that nonsense! When I walked in it looked like a "normal" home (What even is that?)  and was so warm and inviting. 

This is what I want to see! I want to see the REAL you. REAL life. I want you to be yourselves because it makes my job soooooo much easier and gives you such beautiful images to look back on! So bring on the clutter and the toddler mood swings! 

The love and light in this house was pure perfection. I just can't stop staring at their photos!